The Dog House


This is my BBQ Shack, 'The Dog House' why is it called that? When people call the wife says he's in The Dog House!

The basic building was bought off eBay, but i have made alterations to it.

The front was originally open, but proved a bit drafty and rain blew in. I purchased a one lattice panels and one solid panel, cut them up to make two front panels and a door. Second thing i did was seal the roof. It came with tongue and groove boards on the roof, but these let water in. I fitted the Felt Shingles, also removed box vent and fitted a rotating vent to allow smoke to exit.

Built a table to mount the Large Pit Boss and Small Pit Boss. went a bit over the top with the table, fitting a Marble Top and Stainless Steel Doors.  

Some of the kit in The Dog House, GMG Pellet Smoker, Tandoor Oven and Gravity Feed Charcoal Smoker

Got some extras in there as well, like Electric Heater, Flat screen TV and WiFi

Last winter when we had a lot of snow, it blew in to The Dog House, so i then decided to have some roll up screens made so in really bad weather i could roll them down and protect the gear inside.